Black & Decker 14.4V EVO Multitool

The Black & Decker MFL143K Evo MultiTool gives you the convenience and versatility to complete 90% of your DIY tasks with only one tool. The Evo provides the solution to the classic DIY headaches.

Have you ever needed just one more tool to get the job done but you didn’t want to buy a whole new tool? Or have you started a job and then realised you’d need more than just a drill? Maybe you have the tools, but just want to do a quick job without using half the shed?

The Black & Decker Evo provides a solution to all of these challenges. The Evo comes with 3 different heads. One drill head for drilling and screwdriving, one sanding head and one jigsaw head. The heads can be changed instantly and without any extra tools.

Drill Head

black-decker-evo-multitoolThe Drill has a 10mm chuck with a drilling capacity of 10mm into steel and 20mm into wood. It’s 15Nm of torque mean that it has the power to complete the majority of drill tasks around the home. The lightweight Lithium ion battery means you won’t get tired holding this drill when using it all day. The lithium technology also means that the battery holds it’s charge for much longer periods than a traditional battery technology. This means the tool is ready to go when you are. The 11 clutch positions make screwdriving far easier. Simply adjust the clutch depending on which screw you are using and it will protect your material. The variable speed trigger is also excellent for giving you added control when screwdriving.

Jigsaw Head

black-decker-evo-multitool2The Jigsaw head slots in very easily and will quickly transform this drill into a fast and accurate jigsaw. With a speed of 0-2,500 strokes per minute and a 13mm stroke length you will be able to cut at high speeds as well as on tighter, finer cuts. The variable speed trigger also added extra control for when working in tighter spaces. This versatility means you can cut in straight lines or curves in wood, metal and plastic. The tool-free blade change allows blade changing without any hassle whatsoever.

Sanding Head

The detail sanding head gives you excellent access to difficult areas so they can be prepared for painting or varnishing. The head oscillates at 0-8,000 orbits per minute. This speed makes this especially effective in tight spaces such as doors, window frames, stairway spindles or skirting boards. The variable speed trigger gives even greater control on delicate surfaces. It’s compact design makes it a very unique sander to use. The drill handle allows you to get even closer to the surface. The quick fit sand paper fitting makes changing paper a simple tasks and one that won’t slow you down as you’re nearing the end of your task completion.

Box Contains:

  • 14.4v multitool
  • Drilling head
  • Sanding head
  • Jigsaw head
  • 14.4 volt battery packs
  • 230 Volt AC adaptor/charger
  • Instruction manual
  • Kitbox