Black+Decker KA161BC Detail Sander

Inspired by the computer mouse, a BLACK+DECKER Mouse® detail sander has been a staple in DIY tool boxes around the world since 1998. The lightweight, compact and ergonomic design enables you to sand the most intricate and uneven spaces with complete control and comfort.

For ultimate sanding versatility, this sander is ideal for removal of paint and rust, cleaning glass, sanding in tight spaces and providing the finishing touches to your DIY projects, with ease.

Supplied with 15 sanding accessories and a handy storage bag.

Black+Decker KA161BC Detail Sander

Black+Decker KA161BC Detail SanderThe BLACK+DECKER Mouse Detail Sander is an ideal tool for a wide range of decorating tasks or repairs. Whether it’s sanding furniture, removing rust or polishing metal, this sander will tackle these tasks with ease. The teardrop-shaped base is designed to access tight corners.

This compact sander is designed for light, detail work. For best results, let the sander do all the work without applying heavy pressure. The sander is easy to use and thanks to the rocker switch that gives you continual operation, you can move your hands freely about the unit while in use. For greater comfort and control, this sander is fitted with rubber grips and the 3 m long cable gives you more freedom of use.

Ease of Use

Thanks to its compact design you are closer to the work surface getting greater control. Detail base is designed to give you better results when sanding intricate areas and tear drop shaped base allows you to access tight corners easily.

Also, changing the sanding paper couldn’t be easier with the quick fit ‘hook and loop’ solution. Rotatable base allows you to rotate paper as it wears, extending the life of the sanding paper.


The BLACK+DECKER Mouse Detail Sander may be small and compact but it will tackle even the hardest tasks. This sander is ideal for paint/varnish removal, rust removal, detail sanding, metal and plastic polishing and glass cleaning.

Removable tips allow you to add other profile tips for greater versatility. Included detail finger attachment will allow you to access even the tightest areas.

Whatever your project is, from giving the furniture a new lease of life to repairs around the house, the Mouse will tackle these tasks with ease.