Bosch PSR Select Cordless Screwdriver

The PSR Select from Bosch is the ideal solution for DIYers who like to have all the bits they need to hand when screwdriving. The cordless screwdriver is equipped with an integrated cylinder that holds twelve standard bits.

To change the bit, all you need to do is rotate the cylinder until the bit you need appears in the window and then slide it forwards through the bit holder.

The illuminated window clearly displays which screwdriver bit is currently selected when turning the bit cylinder. Bosch EasySelect: Easy bit changes in no time.


Bosch PSR Select Cordless Screwdriver

Searching for the right bit is finally a thing of the past. The 12 standard bits contained in the bit cylinder are always close at hand and can be quickly and conveniently changed thanks to Bosch EasySelect. Simply select the screwdriver bit you need in the illuminated window and slide it forwards into the bit holder. Thanks to the EasySelect system, you’ll never lose a screwdriver bit again and you’ll also save time searching for the right accessory.

The PSR Select is innovative, small and strong. It weighs just 500 grams, runs on a 3.6 volt lithium-ion battery and can tackle up to 90 screws on a single battery charge. The PSR Select is designed for use with screws with a diameter up to 5 millimetres.

The cylinder has a bit to suit almost every type of screw, making it flexible enough to cover all basic screwdriving jobs. The integrated lithium-ion battery does not self-discharge and does not experience any memory effect. This ensures that the PSR Select is always ready for use, even after longer periods of inactivity.

A slim, convenient handle with softgrip handle and a two-finger trigger combined with the compact size and lightweight design ensure that you always have a good and comfortable grip on the PSR Select. As a result, you will have no problem tackling overhead work or jobs in tight spots.

In poorly lit areas, LEDs show whether the bit is moving forwards or backwards and also reveal the level of charge while the PowerLight illuminates the work surface.

The Bosch PSR Select is equipped with an automatic spindle lock. This enables screws to be tightened or unscrewed manually if necessary. The lock also comes in useful when changing the screwdriver bit. The PSR Select is supplied with 12 standard bits.

However, the rotating bit cylinder can also be fitted with other bits at any time, e.g. when using special screws. The charger recharges the high-quality lithium-ion battery within 4 hours. The PSR Select is then ready for use, even for longer periods of activity.