Kamasa Off-Line Driver Review

There are many occasions in the past when I have struggled to tighten screws which are placed very close to the edge of a piece of wood or in the backs of cupboards and wardrobes. Trying to keep the screwdriver in line with the screw head whilst being able to get a good grip on the handle can be tricky in these situations. Using a drill driver can be even more difficult, especially if the screw needs to be driven in straight to avoid splitting the material. Kamasa’s Off-Line Driver could be the answer to these problems.

First Impressions

As you would expect from Kamasa, the off-line driver feels like it is good quality as soon as you have it out of the packaging. The magnet which holds the shaft straight when it is not in the off-line position is strong and the rotating sleeve which allows you to hold the driver while it is rotating spins easily and smoothly. Even the supplied PzDrive bit is clearly not a cheap addition to this package.

Tool Test

kamasa driverI decided to try to use the Off-Line Driver to loosen the screws holding the bracket in the inside corner of a kitchen cupboard. The screws are not only awkward and difficult to get to, they are also quite worn and being able to keep the PzDrive bit in line with the head was going to be essential. The Off-Line Driver fitted securely into our little Dremel Driver and despite the numerous moving parts, felt solid and steady. Before using the Off-Line Driver I tried to remove the first screw using a standard screwdriver, and whilst this not impossible, it was certainly not easy. Trying the same job with the Kamasa Off-Line Driver proved to be a piece of cake. All 3 remaining screws came out easily, in less time than it took to remove the first one and with far fewer bruised knuckles. The rotating sleeve meant that I could hold the driver securely in line with the screw at all times.

What We Think

A superb addition to any tool box. The Kamasa Off-Line Driver is not something you will use every day, or even every month, but when you do need to use it you will be glad you have it to hand. The build quality is good and it will fit any drill or battery screwdriver, which makes it flexible in more than one way. With an average price of just £9, there is no reason not to buy one today.