Dremel Driver Review

The Dremel Driver is a cordless, rechargeable screwdriver aimed at the DIY and Home User markets. In the box you get the Driver, Recharging dock, 8 different heads (phillips, flathead, allen key), an information CD and several bits of wood. These turned out to be a flat-packed storage box, which can be put together using the Dremel and then used to store the driver, charger, etc. We are told by the guys at Dremel that this has been replaced by a metal storage case for the retail version.

First Impressions

dremel driverThe Dremel Driver looks and feels very good quality. It is a decent weight in your hand, and rubber section on the pistol-grip helps to keep it nice and stable when in use. The variable speed control is smooth and it is easy to maintain a slow, even speed. At full speed, the 300 revs make short work of driving any length of screw. The recharging dock is also well constructed and is stable with the Dremel Driver in its charging position. A good sized green light on the base of the docking cradle shows when the device is charging.

Tool Test

We decided to test the Dremel Driver on two different diy tasks: Constructing the supplied flat-pack storage box (sadly not available with the retail version) and removing and replacing an old internal door.

1. Constructing the storage box is a great way to test the practicality of both the variable speed and the pistol grip design. The box not a particularly difficult thing to put together, but having to hold two sections of wood in place whilst you drive in the screws could have been awkward. The pistol grip design of the Dremel Driver made this much easier than it might have been with a manual screwdriver or a traditional straight electric screwdriver. The driver is easily powerful enough to drive home the small screws provided, even where pilot holes have not been pre-drilled. As the material is not particularly thick, being able to control the speed of the driver meant that nothing was split or cracked.

2. To give the driver a bit more of a test we decided to use it to remove an internal door which has been in place for at least 10 years. The screws involved here were not in great condition and have not been touched for the whole time the door has been in place. Even so, with the correctly sized bit in the driver, all 12 screws came out of both the heavily painted frame and the door without a hitch. The pistol-grip design means that you can keep a firm grip on the driver and apply good pressure to the screws. With the door off, we then reattached the hinges and prepared to re-hang the door. The Dremel Driver made short work of screwing the six 60mm long screws into the frame and within minutes the door was back in place.

What We Think

The Dremel Driver looks good and feels great in your hand. It is accurate enough for small delicate jobs but also powerful enough to be used on almost any diy task. The eight different bits are good quality and did not bend or shear off during any of the tasks detailed above, nor during any of the dozen times it has been used since. The battery life seems to be very good, indeed one full charge and it is still going strong after being tested dozens of times and tried out by everyone in the office. If you are in the market for a good quality, reliable and powerful cordless screwdriver, we heartily recommend the Dremel Driver!