Converting Two Rooms into One

Taking out a wall between two rooms, the dining and living room for example, can be a great idea. For a start you will have a larger room, most likely with more light as there will probably be at least two windows in it. However there are several things to consider before taking out that sledgehammer.

1. Having two rooms can be better if you like a bit of privacy. This is especially worth thinking about if you have children. Will having one big room mean you no longer have somewhere to escape for a bit of peace?

2. Think hard about how the room will be used. Will one big room suit your needs better than two smaller rooms?

3. Will the new, big room look right with just a wall taken down? Do the skirting boards, picture rail and mouldings match? Will you need to take out a fireplace from one side of the room? Will you need to block off one of the doorways?

4. Will you need to rearrange the radiators, the lighting or the sockets? These will all add time and money to the job, so think carefully about this.

5. Is having one room going to affect the value of the house? Not everyone will like one big room, but then again, not everyone will like two smaller rooms. If your area is mostly young people, an open-plan area might be more desirable than if the area was mostly occupied by older residents.

6. Is losing a wall going to cause problems with your furniture positions? Not the biggest worry you might have, but worth considering anyway.

7. Is the flooring on the same level in each separate room? If not, you might be forced to create a step or even raise or lower one of the floors.