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Bosch PST 800 PEL 530w Jigsaw

The first electric jigsaw was invented in 1946 when Albert Kaufmann, development engineer with Scintilla AG in Switzerland (part of the Bosch group), had the idea to add a saw blade to a sewing machine in order to cut curves in wood. The new Compact Generation of Bosch jigsaws are handier, lighter and more precise than their predecessors. Regardless of your DIY needs, you will find a jigsaw to suit you in the new Bosch Compact Generation range.


Its unequalled versatility has made the jigsaw one of the most important power tools in the past 50 years. Capable of making straight or curved cuts, it is easy to operate and ergonomically designed. Regardless of the type of cut users need, the jigsaw handles and solves cutting problems like a true master.

Cut types:
  • Curve cut: One of the most extraordinary features of the jigsaw is its tight turning-circle. The tightest curves may be cut with a jigsaw due to its narrow blades and exceptional manoeuvrability.
  • Straight cut: Guide rails and parallel guides may be used to assist in straight cutting with the jigsaw.
  • Circular cut: Circular cuts may be achieved using a circle guide. Bosch jigsaw parallel guides feature a circle guide function.
  • Cut-out (plunge cutting): Plunge cutting is a method used to create openings in board or sheet materials without the need for pre-drilling.

The Bosch Universal PST 800 PEL features a greater cutting capacity (80mm in wood) ideal for projects such as:

  • Wooden floors, sawing panels/boards to size.
  • Creating user’s own decorations and toys (such as coat racks, rocking horses, picture frames, etc.).
  • Wall/ceiling panels, plastic pipes, aluminium profiles.
  • Adjusting, correcting and fitting materials.

bosch-jigsawThe PST 800 PEL is also very capable cutting in aluminium material up to 12 mm and steel up to 5 mm thick. Other possible projects include cutting skirting, inlay floors, garden fences, racks, garden benches, dog houses or building up a terrace or carports.

The Bosch PST 800 PEL 530 Watt Compact Jigsaw is extremely handy and guarantees comfortable and precise straight and curve cuts. The tool features a powerful 530 watt motor and weighs only 2kg, which ensures fatigue-proof working over prolonged periods of time and under difficult working conditions. The PST 800 PEL offers optimal and controlled user comfort thanks to its compact size (-12% vs. predecessor) and small weight (-10% vs. competitors) for outstanding manageability and improved guiding.

Bosch Electronic

The Bosch electronic speed control trigger allows slow (soft) starting of cuts and fingertip control to precisely match the saw blade stroke rate to the material. The Universal PST 800 PEL has a no-load stroke rate from 500 to 3000 strokes per minute.

Tool-Free Saw Blade Change – Bosch SDS System

The Bosch SDS blade change allows easy saw blade change without the need for screwdrivers or hex keys–simple.

4-Stage Pendulum Action

Pendulum, or orbital, action on a Bosch jigsaw introduces a swinging motion to the blade stroke that improves chip ejection and speeds up cutting, especially in thicker materials. Using pendulum action also increases saw blade life.

Dust Extraction Facility

The dust extraction capability is via the integrated dust spout at the rear of the machine. Simply connect a suitable vacuum cleaner (such as the Bosch PAS 11-21) for effective dust management and a cleaner working environment.

Saw Blade Guidance- CutControl

The see-through CutControl line tracker folds down and lies flat on the cutting line so that the red cursor can be kept on the route that blade is to follow.

’Realistic’ One-Handed Operation

Ergonomic shape and superior technical features allow the Bosch jigsaws from the PST series to be operated with one hand if desired. Bosch jigsaws are designed in such a way that the user’s hand is positioned above the saw blade. This allows easy and comfortable guidance of the saw when cutting.


The Universal PST 800 PEL features an adjustable footplate (151 mm) which can angled to 45 degrees for bevel cuts.

Low Vibration

The new Bosch jigsaws are equipped with ‘Low Vibration’, a counterbalance mechanism that neutralises the vibration generated by the motion of the saw blade, ensuring comfortable operation.


The Softgrip surfaces of the PST provide a better and more comfortable hold, and reduce the risk of the user losing their grip and therefore control of the machine.

Tips for Using Bosch Jigsaws

Using Pendulum (Orbital) Action

The 4-position switch is found on the side of the machine.

  • Use this position for clean cuts in wood, but cutting speed will be quite slow.
  • In wood cutting speed will increase but the cut will be not quite as clean and some break-out may appear on the top surface. This position may be used in steel up to 3mm thick. Slightly faster cutting and better blade life will result.
  • Faster cutting in wood, with even more break out. This position should not be used for metal cutting.
  • Fastest cut possible, good for thick wood (greater than 40 mm), do not expect a clean cut.

Hints: Laminated materials: these can be cut cleanly from above using a down-cutting blade (T101BR turn off Pendulum position ‘0’) or by turning the material over so that the finished surface is facing downwards (using a standard blade with pendulum on if necessary).

Speed Selection
  • When cutting metal, cutting speed should be reduced and blade life may be increased by the use of a metal cutting lubricant.
  • When cutting plastics, reduced speed should also be used, this prevents the material from melting.

A wide variety of jigsaw blades are available from the Bosch accessory program, for best cutting results the correct blade should be selected. Replace blades regularly whenever a drop in performance is noticed.

  • Make sure the base plate of the jigsaw remains flat on the material surface at all times when cutting to avoid excessive vibration.
  • Do not turn the saw in the cut without forward motion when cutting curves to avoid excessive vibration and blade breakage.
  • Wait until the saw has stopped completely before lifting the jigsaw from the cut to avoid damaging the material.

Bosch PST 800 PEL 530 Watt Compact Jigsaw