DIY Tiling Guides and Projects

DIY Tiling Guides. Tiling and tile related DIY tips, advice, how-to’s and articles. From Cutting tiles to laying mosaic tile sheets.

Choose the Perfect Tiles for your Kitchen
10 Tips for Perfect Tiling
Tiling Tools
Tile Accessories
Cutting and Shaping Tiles

Wall Tiling

Tiling Around a Toilet
Tiling a Splashback
How to Tile a Wall
Preparing Walls for Tiles
Tiling Awkward Areas
Replacing Cracked Tiles
Decorating Tiles
How to Lay Mosaic Tiles
Common Tile and Grout Problems
Perfect Grouting
How to Remove Grout
Removing Tiles From Walls

Floor Tiling

Tiling a Concrete Floor – NEW!
Making a Gauge Stick
Granite Tiles