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Storage Solutions from BigDug

If you are a serious DIY-er like us, you are sure to acumulate all manner of tools, offcuts of wood and tins and jars full of screws and nails. It is always good to have this stuff to hand, ready for the next diy task you undertake. But in the meantime, storage can be a problem. If your garage is like ours, it is half full of old shelves and boxes permanently on the verge of collapse. Well the answer to this problem could be BigDug!

BigDug offers a massive range of shelving, racking and other storage solutions, for home or commercial use. There is something for every budget and every storage problem. BigDug specialises in free-standing shelving and racking, meaning you get to make the best possible use of the space available to you. If you need a small set of shelves for your garden shed, or a full commercial garage starter kit, the website has it all.

We have got our eye on the 200kgs Boltless Shelving for just £45 +VAT. Each shelf can hold a massive 200kgs (hence the name) and the unit has 5 shelves in all. Each shelf can be adjusted up or down meaning more flexibility on what we can use the shelves for. To go with it we might grab some useful and cheap plastic storage boxes.

On the commercial side of things there really is every storage device a business could need, from Document Storage to Chrome Wine Racks. Most of the products offer discounts for higher quantities and delivery is quick (3 days on average). Even better, there are always plenty of bargains to pick up in the Clearance section

Having an organised and well presented workplace is important. It not only makes things easy to find, and therefore makes your working day more productive, it also looks good to clients and customers. Some rickety old shelves packed with cardboard boxes are not going to make your company look very professional. is a great looking website and it is easy to find what you are looking for. If you are in need of some great quality storage solutions, for home or business, you should really check it out. Now where did I put that hammer, there are some wobbly old shelves in my garage that need to come down!