Replacing a Cracked or Spalled Brick

Bricks are a hard-wearing and long-lasting building material which, with a bit of regular maintenance, should remain problem-free for many years. A very hard knock may, however, crack a single brick in the middle of a wall. Even if the brick does not split from the impact, the crack may allow water … Continue reading

Building a Paver Path

There are several different ways to create garden paths, but one of the most attractive is to use block pavers. Building a Paver Path is more difficult and time consuming than creating gravel or paving slab paths, but they require no specialist skills and should be possible for anyone to … Continue reading

Cutting Bricks and Blocks

Cutting bricks or blocks cleanly and accurately takes a little practice, but once you have the knack you should be able to chop them in half quickly and easily. There are many occasions when you may need to cut bricks or blocks ┬áin half or trim them to fit particular areas of a wall or pier. It is … Continue reading

Repointing Brick Walls

Learn how to repoint brick walls. The natural action of wind and rain will cause mortar between the bricks of your house to loosen, crumble and wear down. This not only looks bad but can also allow water to penetrate the bricks. The answer to this problem is re-pointing. This is not a difficult job … Continue reading

Spanning Openings in Brick Walls

When planning on adding a doorway or window to a brick wall, you need to make sure that the wall does not lose its strength. Window and door frames are not designed to carry heavy loads so you should always support the opening with a lintel. Even in a non load-bearing wall, unsupported bricks above … Continue reading