Tiling a Splashback

| April 9, 2015

A tiled splashback usually consists of one or two rows of tiles on the wall directly behind the sink or washbasin and is designed to stop splashed water soaking the plaster and ruining the wall. The easiest way to create a splashback is to use only full tiles, extending them slightly past the edge of the fixture. This way, no cutting is needed and the job can be completed quickly and without fuss.

Tiling a Splashback – Method 1

Measure the sink or washbasin and make a mark in the exact centre. Place a whole tile on either side of this mark and work outwards, using spacers between tiles as you normally would, until you reach the edge of the sink or just past the edge. You can then repeat the process for the second and third row of tiles if required. Lay the tiles out dry (without adhesive) first to see if the final tile sits where you want it to. You can then apply adhesive to the wall and start to attach the tiles.

Tiling a Splashback – Method 2

If the first method results in the tile falling short of the end of the sink, or if the last tile projects further past the edge of the sink than you want it to, move the middle tiles. Instead of starting either side of the middle line, place the first tile with the line at its centre. Now work outwards from this middle tile and see where the end tiles reach. This may result in a better looking finish, so it is worth experimenting.

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