How to Fit a Weatherboard

A weatherboard, the shaped piece of wood at the bottom of a door which deflects water, is fairly easy to fit or replace. Because the weatherboard is close to the ground at the bottom of the door, it can be susceptible to the effects of water.

Step 1 – Measuring and marking the weatherboard

With the door closed, measure the gap between the upright stiles of the frame at the bottom of the door. This is where the weatherboard will sit, so your measurements need to be very accurate or the door will not close. Cut the weatherboard to the correct size and hold it in position against the door. Make sure that the bottom of the weatherboard lines up with the bottom of the door and then mark it’s position with a pencil.

Step 2 – Fitting the weatherboard

Pre-drill some holes through the narrowest part of the weatherboard (near the top) and countersink them. It is a good idea to apply wood preservative to the underside and also the back of the weatherboard now, before attaching it to the door. Let the wood preservative dry completely before applying wood adhesive to the back of the wood and screwing the weatherboard in place.

Check that the door opens smoothly. If not, sand or plane off any corners that catch. Fill the screw holes with wood filler and then prime and paint the weatherboard as required.

Oak Effect Weatherboard