DIY Carpentry/Woodwork Guides and Projects

DIY Carpentry and Woodworking Guides. From Fixing a Sticking Door and Replacing Balustrading to Fitting a Mortise Lock and Treating Woodworm.

General Carpentry

Learn How to Hang Shelves
Reclaiming and Reusing Timber
Finding Wall Studs
Fitting Shelves into Alcoves
Using a Jigsaw
Using a Power Sander
Complete Guide to Decking
Repairing Skirting Boards – Dremel Guide
Constructing a Radiator Cover – Dremel Guide
– Using a Router
– Shaping Wood By Hand
– Sharpening Woodworking Chisels
– Restoring Wooden Furniture
– Sawing Guide
– Choosing Nails
– Guide to Screws and Nails
– Butt Joints
– Making a Footlifter
– Locating and Treating Woodworm
– Applying Wax to Wood
– Applying Oil to Wood


Replacing Kitchen Cupboard Doors – NEW!
How to Fit a Concealed Door Closer – NEW!
How to Fit a Weatherboard – NEW!
Fitting a Door Lock – NEW!
Sticking Doors
How to Fit a Door Lining
How to Repair a Door

– Repairing Wooden Doorposts
– Draughtproofing Windows and Doors
– Fitting Standard Architrave
– Fitting Classical-Style Architrave


Replacing Sash Window Cords
– Repairing a Wooden Windowsill


Laying Floorboards
Repairing and Replacing Floorboards
Sanding a Wood Floor
– Guide to Floorboards
– Restoring a Woodblock Floor
– Lifting Floorboards
– Guide to Man-made Boards


– Replacing Balustrading
– Fixing Loose Balusters