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Patching Shed Roof Felt

If the felt on the roof of your shed has been damaged somehow, it is very simple to apply a patch of new felt rather than replace all of the felt. This really depends on how fussy you are about how the roof of your shed looks, although if you are careful, you will hardly be able to see a small patch. If and when you buy shed roof felt, it is a good idea to keep some small pieces to use as patches at a later date.

You will need:

  • Stanley Knife
  • Small Patch of Matching Felt
  • Cold Felt Adhesive

1. Preparing the Hole

Cut away a square or rectangle of the felt directly around the damaged area so that you have nice clean and flat edges around the hole. You should now be able to see an area of the wooden roof under the felt. Measure the hole you have just cut and cut a piece of spare felt so that it is about 75mm larger than the hole all the way around.

shed roof patch2. Marking the Patch

Place the patch over the hole and draw around the edge with chalk to mark where you will need to apply cold felt adhesive. Remove the patch and put it to one side for the moment.

3. Applying Adhesive

Using an old paintbrush, brush cold felt adhesive onto the margin you have marked around the hole, being careful not to spread it outside of the chalk marks. If you spread on too much felt adhesive, it will show around the edge of the patch and make it stand out much more. Let the adhesive dry for about 20 minutes so that it becomes sticky.

4. Finishing Off

Carefully lay your patch into position over the hole and press it down firmly, working from the centre out to the edges. A small seam roller (used for decorating) can be useful for smoothing down the patch if you have one handy. Try to make sure that no air bubbles remain under the patch.

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  • very informative and helpful. but could you tell me where i can obtain the small quantity of roof felt plus adhesive for a patch. I have seen a lot for sale but i only need an 8inch square and dont really need a roll of roofing material. It seems that a snall animal or bird has pecked a hole which is leaking. Would be grateful if you can help. Mrs c Jameison.

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