DIY Decorating Guides and Projects

Diy Decorating Guides and Projects. Ranging from Removing Fireplace Surrounds and Applying Wax to Wood to Using a Steam Stripper and a Complete Guide to Wallpapering.

General Decorating

Replacing Silicone Sealant Around a Bath – NEW!
Treating Mould and Mildew – NEW!
Replacing Kitchen Cupboard Doors – NEW!
Causes of Condensation – NEW!

Installing Custom Blinds
What is Distemper?
Renovating Fireplace Surrounds
Guide to Sealers and Primers
Choosing the Correct Filler
Applying Wax to Wood
Applying Oil to Wood
Fitting Coving
How to Fit a Ceiling Rose


Guide to Wallpapering
How to Hang Paper Borders
Wallpaper Paste
Using a Steam Stripper
Stripping Wallpaper
How to Paper a Ceiling

Paint and Painting

Painting Stripes on an Interior Wall – NEW!
Covering Damp Stains on Walls and Ceilings – NEW!
Preparing Galvanized Steel for Painting
How to Paint Walls and Ceilings
Types of Paint
How to Strip Paint
Stripping Painted Metal
Cleaning Brushes and Rollers
Exterior Masonry Paint
Choosing Wood Finishes
How to Paint Window Frames
Painting Wooden Mouldings