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| April 9, 2015

Having the correct equipment is half the battle when painting the walls or woodwork of your home. Whilst you may need to buy or hire some specialist equipment from time to time, the list below is a good starting point for the tools you will need when redecorating your house.

Paint Brushes – Buy the best brushes you can afford in a range of sizes. Try to get genuine bristle or good quality synthetic bristle for the best finish. Quality brushes, if cared for after use, actually improve with age. Useful sizes include: 18mm, 25mm, 50mm, 100mm and 125mm. You may also want to buy a radiator brush. These have a metal handle, which can be bent to allow access behind radiators.

Rollers – As with brushes, it is best to buy good quality rollers if you can afford it. Rollers give a smooth, flat finish over large surfaces and are ideally suited to working with water-based paint.

Different roller types include:

Foam – Cheap and easy to clean, but will not give the best finish.

Mohair – The very fine texture allows for a very smooth finish. Not for use on textured surfaces.

Shaggy Pile – The thick pile makes this type of roller ideal for painting textured surfaces where a smoother roller would not cover as well.

Radiator Roller – Designed with a thin head and a long handle, these are perfect for getting behind radiators, etc.

Paint Pads – Good quality paint pads will give a very good finish on smooth or lightly textured surfaces. They are generally made of a thin layer of mohair on top of a foam base. They come in a range of sizes and often allow for handles to be attached so you can reach high places.

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